A Great Night Out

Penn and Teller’s show on Friday night was fantastic! Penn is electric and engaging on stage while Teller’s quiet, mischievous routine is both funny and endearing. 

They are famous for waiting behind after the show to meet any fans who want a meet and greet and they do this free of charge. They don’t leave until everyone who has stayed behind has had a chance to get a photo with them and/or an autograph. I think this is a great thing to do! They are clearly grateful to their fans and give them that little extra which so many acts would charge for the privilege and would only meet a certain number.

I stayed around to get a photo but was disappointed to see that there was a Penn queue on one side of the room and a Teller queue on the other! (I use the word “queue” lightly)

I chose to get a pic with Penn as I had tweeted him about getting picture the day before. It was a pleasure to meet him, even if it was very briefly and I hope to get the chance to meet Teller one day too.

That’s the second item ticked off my 40before40 list, only 38 more to go…


Penn and Teller

Ad introduced me to the genius Penn and Teller via their Fool Us show. When creating my 40before40 list, I had to put going to see a magician’s show on it as it is something I’ve always wanted to go to. I like the film The Prestige where you just don’t see what’s coming next (Penn and Teller probably would!) 

So the chance to see Penn and Teller came up and my husband jumped to get tickets! So tomorrow night, I not only get to see a magician’s show and tick that off my list, I get to see THE best magicians in action!We Cannot wait!!!

Photo not mine (obviously)

2lbs Closer!

Yesterday was weigh in day at Slimming World and I surprisingly lost another 2lbs! A pleasant surprise after being sure that I had put on what I’d taken off the week before.

Not sure I’ll be so lucky next week though, as I intend to have a couple of French Martinis for my birthday and a nice meal which will kill my syns budget. Will be good the other days and hopefully will get under 13st!

Starting weight 30th May 2017- 13st 6lbs

This week  – 13st dead

First Target to Reach (CLUB 10) : 12st 1lb


Fitting back into my wedding dress

Joining Slimming World and losing weight will not only reduce my BMI, but hopefully will allow me to fit back into my wedding dress.

Ad Kara Wed

Our wedding photos were actually taken the day before we got married due to forecasted terrible weather for our actual wedding day. Thank God our photographer was able to change the day at the last minute and we had our wedding photos taken in Grand Central, along 42nd street and outside the New York Public Library on 5th.

Anyway, that day was the only day I have ever felt pretty. I normally look quite plain but that day I felt like I was on the red carpet walking round New York City with my very soon-to-be husband lol! I think you’re supposed to feel amazing in your wedding dress and I certainly did (despite it not fitting 100%).


I know I will never get that feeling back as that really is a once in a lifetime feeling, but I would still like to fit back into my beautiful wedding dress one day and get a measure of that wow feeling. It is my favourite piece of clothing I have ever owned and always will be.

me dress

Photos by our great photographer Elvira Kalviste.

Getting my BMI Down

2 weeks ago I joined Slimming World for the 2nd time my life. I had previously been a member 6 years ago in the run up to my brother’s wedding and it really helped me to lose weight and feel healthier.

I have a long and dangerous relationship with cake, pizza and basically everything that’s bad for my waistline and my heart. I decided to rejoin Slimming World again to take control of my eating habits and reduce my weight to help reduce my BMI.

At my first weigh in I was 13st 6lbs. In my first week I lost 4lbs but I am fairly sure that in this second week I have unfortunatley put it all back on. Why? A mixture of no will power and laziness. To achieve with Slimming World you really have to plan your meals  ahead and have healthy snacks to hand for when you feel peckish. I did no planning this week and didn’t have any healthy foods around when I felt the stomach rumble so ended up making bad, lazy choices with what was easy and available to hand.


Ad and I are going away for a couple of nights at the end of this coming week for my birthday and also to tick off something else on my 40before40 list! I don’t want to be sitting analysing menus and not enjoying myself when we eat out and will allow myself to misbehave with the calories on those 2 days, but the beginning of the week will be full of healthier choices.

I will continue to post updates on the weight loss journey, and hopefully over the next few months, my BMI will start to go down.



Cannot Wait!!!!

In October, Ad and I will be seeing Faith Hill & Tim McGraw on their Soul2Soul Tour in Brooklyn. I have been a fan for years and Ad surprised me with the tickets – serious brownie points!!!!

I will post more another time on my love of Country music and how I came to find it, for now enjoy the opening song of Faith & Tim’s Soul2Soul tour

Isle of Wight Attractions

Isle of Wight Zoo

Last week ago today, Ad and I took Archie on his first zoo trip. The Isle of Wight Zoo is small and hasn’t got the biggest selection of animals but that didn’t stop us from enjoying our visit.

They give you a leaflet for kids which you stamp as you go round the zoo to show which animals your have seen. This is a nice keepsake for Archie when he is older as he will be able to see which animals he saw on his first visit to a zoo.

One of the highlights for us adults was seeing Casper, a lion who sat up on the top of his enclosure both majestically and extremely chilled out with the breeze in his mane. We also very much enjoyed seeing the tigers and a jaguar called Tequila.

The staff were very friendly and informative and we were left with the impression that they really cared or the animals and the animals were well taken care of.

All in all, a pleasant afternoon for Archie’s first trip to a zoo.

The Needles

Yesterday, while Archie spent some time with his grandparents and great-gran, Ad and I visited The Needles which included my first chairlift ride.

It was a beautiful sunny morning which we haven’t had too many of during our 2 week stay. We didn’t stay too long but relished a little time to ourselves.

Finding Time and the Craze of Adult Colouring Books

Currently on a family holiday to the Isle of Wight and have been looking forward to this time away for a while.

You can’t really switch off when you’re on holiday with a one year old but I’m still trying to do things I wouldn’t normally have time for. Little things like straightening my hair to finally having the chance to read a book on New York’s Architecture, on loan from a colleague which I have been trying to get to for a couple of months.

Another thing that I’ve been wanting to do for a while but don’t have the luxury of time for is adult colouring books. It is said that they can reduce stress and be very therapeutic. My personal interest stems from buying geometric shape colouring books years ago and enjoying bringing the shapes to life with colour.

I have read articles this past week that suggest adult colouring is terrible and any of us adults who care to take up this hobby are afraid to grow up and face up to our adult responsibilities or afraid to take on challenging activities.

When I read this I rolled my eyes and told my iPad to f*** off. Why can’t the reason we chose to colour be because it makes us feel good, relieves stress or is just, god forbid, a little fun! With Brexit and elections coming out our ears, can we not just have a little chill out time with something we enjoy?

I know of someone who’s mental health has actually improved since taking up this relaxing hobby.

My first attempt (a work in progress) is pictured above. Is it a work of art? No. Have I stayed between the lines? No lol. Do I care? No! 🙂

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