Complete another 365 Photo Project

In 2013 I completed a 365 Photo Project of my own design. Most people who do them take a new picture each day. I had hundreds of photographs I had taken that no one had ever seen and this was my way of showing my work and not letting all my photos just sit on a hard drive. So for a whole year I posted one of my photos each day and it encouraged me to go out more with my camera more to try and find more subjects to photograph.

I have thousands of photographs on my hard drives and while they are mainly photos of New York City and flowers, I also have many random folders of photographs from buttons and fabric to cakes and cloves of garlic?!?


I am keen to do another 365 project as it was very satisfying to complete the project last time round. Perhaps this time around I will pick a theme, although I did like the randomness of the last project. I haven’t decided whether I will do it Jan-Dec like last month or start it mid-way through the year – we’ll see…


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