Meet Tom Hanks

Admittedly, this is the most ambitious item on the list. When I was thinking about the last few things to put on my list I started to get more adventurous – and perhaps a tad ridiculous! Sometimes we have to reach a little further from the realistic, and I certainly have!

Tom Hanks is my favourite actor and this is not just down to the many, many great performances he has given us.

He comes across as a gentleman –  a dying breed! You see him in interviews and he strikes the balance of being polite, entertaining and funny – a host/interviewer’s dream.

I will not list all my top Tom Hanks films, but these are a few of my favourites:


You’ve Got Mail is my feel-good film. It lifts me up if I’m down or feeling unwell. The concoction of Tom Hanks, New York City scenes and book stores is perfection for me.


Photo © 1998 – Warner Brothers


Philadelphia is the Tom Hanks film I urge people to watch. It is a film and performance that stays with you.


Photo by Clinica Estetico  – © 1993


The Terminal is a film with such a simple concept and simple format but which gives you so much.


Photo © 2004 Dreamworks LLC.


Feature pic by someone other than me

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