Surprise Ad

From showing up at my hotel room door when I was working away from home for a week, to announcing he has booked concert tickets to see Faith hill and Tim McGraw (another thing on my list – we’ll discuss later), my husband Ad knows just what will bring a huge smile to my face.

It’s not just this that makes him the wonderful husband he is. He also knows when to step in when I’m struggling. When our son was just about a week old he took him to his parent’s house for a few hours to let me get some sleep, knowing that I would hate him in the moment for making me feel incompetent and useless, but knowing what I needed and taking the necessary action in my best interest.


He accepts me for who and what I am (stretch marks and all) and I am so lucky to have him as my husband.


I so want to be able to surprise him with something he would love but this is not such an easy task!

His favourite comedian Lee Evans retired, so I can’t get tickets for Ad to go and see him.

He is a big fan of Craig Ferguson and Jeff Dunham but not been able to secure tickets to either one of them!!!!!

He has always wanted to go to the Kennedy Space Center but I can’t surprise him with that as we will go and do that when we go on holiday to Florida next year.

He also want so go to Vegas, but that’s on my list too and I want a surprise unique to/for him.

The closest I got to surprising him so far was trying to organise a billboard sign in New York with a Happy 30th and Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary on it but those plans were foiled and it never went ahead.


I vow to surprise him with something amazing, as well as other little surprises along the way, just got to figure out what ….




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