Isle of Wight Attractions

Isle of Wight Zoo

Last week ago today, Ad and I took Archie on his first zoo trip. The Isle of Wight Zoo is small and hasn’t got the biggest selection of animals but that didn’t stop us from enjoying our visit.

They give you a leaflet for kids which you stamp as you go round the zoo to show which animals your have seen. This is a nice keepsake for Archie when he is older as he will be able to see which animals he saw on his first visit to a zoo.

One of the highlights for us adults was seeing Casper, a lion who sat up on the top of his enclosure both majestically and extremely chilled out with the breeze in his mane. We also very much enjoyed seeing the tigers and a jaguar called Tequila.

The staff were very friendly and informative and we were left with the impression that they really cared or the animals and the animals were well taken care of.

All in all, a pleasant afternoon for Archie’s first trip to a zoo.

The Needles

Yesterday, while Archie spent some time with his grandparents and great-gran, Ad and I visited The Needles which included my first chairlift ride.

It was a beautiful sunny morning which we haven’t had too many of during our 2 week stay. We didn’t stay too long but relished a little time to ourselves.

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