Fitting back into my wedding dress

Joining Slimming World and losing weight will not only reduce my BMI, but hopefully will allow me to fit back into my wedding dress.

Ad Kara Wed

Our wedding photos were actually taken the day before we got married due to forecasted terrible weather for our actual wedding day. Thank God our photographer was able to change the day at the last minute and we had our wedding photos taken in Grand Central, along 42nd street and outside the New York Public Library on 5th.

Anyway, that day was the only day I have ever felt pretty. I normally look quite plain but that day I felt like I was on the red carpet walking round New York City with my very soon-to-be husband lol! I think you’re supposed to feel amazing in your wedding dress and I certainly did (despite it not fitting 100%).

I know I will never get that feeling back as that really is a once in a lifetime feeling, but I would still like to fit back into my beautiful wedding dress one day and get a measure of that wow feeling. It is my favourite piece of clothing I have ever owned and always will be.

me dress

Photos by our great photographer Elvira Kalviste.

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