A Great Night Out

Penn and Teller’s show on Friday night was fantastic! Penn is electric and engaging on stage while Teller’s quiet, mischievous routine is both funny and endearing.

They are famous for waiting behind after the show to meet any fans who want a meet and greet and they do this free of charge. They don’t leave until everyone who has stayed behind has had a chance to get a photo with them and/or an autograph. I think this is a great thing to do! They are clearly grateful to their fans and give them that little extra which so many acts would charge for the privilege and would only meet a certain number.

I stayed around to get a photo but was disappointed to see that there was a Penn queue on one side of the room and a Teller queue on the other! (I use the word “queue” lightly)

I chose to get a pic with Penn as I had tweeted him about getting picture the day before. It was a pleasure to meet him, even if it was very briefly and I hope to get the chance to meet Teller one day too.

That’s the second item ticked off my 40before40 list, only 38 more to go…


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