Finding Time

Been terrible at keeping blog up to date but then again this is the first evening in weeks that I’ve actually had any time to stop.

Archie has decided to start the terrible twos 9 months early and has also decided to become my little shadow, now that he’s on his feet, following me everywhere.

Work is the craziest it has ever been and my stress levels have been the highest they have ever been. My problem is I’m a people pleaser, I don’t like letting people down and take on far too much for one person to cope with – I’m my own worst enemy! It got to the point where my head just couldn’t cope anymore and I had to stop and evaluate how to get through.  I’m in a better place now and intend to stay there for the sake of my sanity!

Up to now, Ad and my working hours have not been very compatible resulting in not getting to spend much time together but it would seem we are getting closer to finding a solution to that.

As for my 40before40 list, there’s not been much time to even think about it anything on it, let alone achieve anything off it. I’m about to send a cheeky tweet regarding one item on my list – it’s a long shot, but if you don’t ask, you don’t get!


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