Right, back to this list…

I’ve been rather lax recently with my list and so have started thinking what I should look at achieving next.

One of the things on my list is to donate to a dementia charity. My Grandpa has dementia (as did his Mother and Sister and my Granny’s sister) and I would like to raise money to help a local charity, Befrienders Highland, who work to improve the lives of people who feel lonely and isolated through mental ill health; memory difficulties or dementia, plus providing support for carers of people with dementia.


I figured out that I would be able to donate more money to them by organising a little fundraising event, than what I could afford to donate just myself. So, I asked my managers at work if I could hold a 2nd Hand Goods Sale (kind of like an Indoor Car Boot Sale) with Home baking also being sold, in a couple of weeks time. Home baking always goes down well at my work. I’ve helped organise other charity fundraisers at work and when there is food involved, it’s always a big hit!

I’m also thinking of starting my 365 Photo Challenge soon. I don’t see why I need to wait to the start of the year, and was thinking of starting 1st September instead (September is one of my favourite months of the year). I have been trying to work out what theme I would like to try this time but having trouble committing to any of my ideas so have decided to use the challenge as more of a diary. Lately, life has felt a little flat for us, so hoping this challenge will force me to mix it up a little, even if it is just so that I don’t bore you all to death with humdrum photos šŸ™‚ Kara





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