5 Fridays – Faith Hill & Tim McGraw

On my 40 before 40 list, one of the things I have written down is – see Faith Hill & Tim McGraw in concert.

This is something I thought I’d never  get to do until last year when Ad surprised me with tickets to see them next month in my favourite place – New York!!!

Another item on my list is to go to another Country2Country Festival. I was there in London for the first night of the first festival in 2013 and have wanted to attend another one since.

Next year, we are ticking off this item on my list and last night it was revealed that Faith & Tim are headlining one of the nights at the festival next year 😃

So I’ve gone from thinking I’d never get to see them in concert, to now seeing them twice in the not so far future!! All thanks to Ad, who booked both, knowing I wouldn’t have done so myself.

So, this week’s Top 5 is of their songs, and I’m going to cheat by doing 2 sets of 5.

My Top 5 Faith Hill Songs

  1. Lost
  2. Breathe
  3. This Kiss
  4. Cry
  5. I Can’t Do That Anymore

My Top 5 Tim McGraw Songs

  1. Everywhere
  2. Live Like You Were Dying
  3. How Bad Do You Want It
  4. I Like It, I Love It
  5. Something Like That

Would have included links to songs/videos but must get some sleep!!

Any other Faith Hill and Tim McGraw fans? What are your favourite songs?
(Photos clearly and obviously not taken by me)

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