Some NYC Quality Time with the Husband

I wanted to write about the trip to New York that Ad and I took last week, but this post feels a little bittersweet now, given what has happened only a few hours ago in the city.

This was my 8th trip to the city, my first being back in 2009, and was Ad’s 5th trip, his first being when we got married there in December 2014. We are going again in February, but I suspect that that will be our last trip there for a while. While I love the city, there are many more places we have yet to explore.

Back to this trip… we landed at JFK last Wednesday evening and took the Airtrain and then the subway for the first time, to our hotel in Long Island City. Usually we get a taxi to where we are staying, but fancied trying the Airtrain for a change, and saved ourselves a few dollars in the process.


We usually stay in the Hilton Garden in Long Island City but it wasn’t available for this trip, so we stayed next door at the Marriott Courtyard. We won’t be staying there again. We’ve been spoilt by courteous and friendly staff at the Hilton Garden, not to mention a warm atmosphere and a great hotel room. Next door had a cold, unfriendly atmosphere in the lobby, the staff’s customer service skills were poor and the room had a really silly layout, wasting space which could have been used much more effectively. The only mirror was in the bathroom, and the whole room felt as though it had been designed for a businessman. Not a business person, but a Business MAN! The only positives we took from the room was the comfortable bed (important) and we could see some of Manhattan from our window.

The next day we visited Grand Central (one of my favourite places in NYC – we had some of our wedding photos taken there).



We also rode the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) for the first time, and stopped at Juniors for some cheesecake.


Friday was the day of the Faith Hill & Tim McGraw concert  – the whole reason for this trip. We decided to do a little clothes shopping for Archie in Macy’s in the morning and then headed down to South Ferry to sit and watch the world go by, looking out on the water, on a lovely sunny day.


After going back to the hotel to change, we then headed out to dinner and then on to the Barclays Center for the concert  – I’ll save the details of the concert for another post.

Saturday was another lovely sunny day and we headed to Coney Island, which was another first for us. We enjoyed a walk along the boardwalk and then sat down for a while, watching the planes coming in towards JFK. That was the relaxing and enjoyable part of the visit to Coney Island.


Since 2011, I’ve wanted to ride The Cyclone. Now, I’m not big on rollercoasters as I am big wuss, but riding this iconic rollercoaster, I just had to do. So, we went on it and I was TERRIFIED! Ad and I couldn’t fit in the same car, so I was on my own in front of him and was so petrified each time I was thrown from side to side. When we got off, I ached, because I had been so tensed up on the ride. Ad loved it – it was much better and faster than he had expected.


We stopped again in Juniors for more cheesecake (I can’t get enough of their Strawberry cheesecake – my thighs love it too!) and then headed on to Central Park. I have always wanted to see the park in the Fall, but was left a little disappointed to find that it didn’t look quite as autumnal as I thought it would. Recent pictures that I have seen from people, were somewhat misleading! There’s only a couple of photos I took that I am happy with.


Ad is not big on walking for long, so I really appreciated that he wandered round the park with me. We decided, spur of the moment, to get out caricatures done for a laugh. It got a little chilly by the end, sitting there still, as we were drawn, but we’re both glad that we did. Another first for us in the city.


The final day of the trip (Sunday), also the day we left, was miserable, with heavy rain showers. We grabbed breakfast in the city and then headed back to our hotel to pack.


And that was out trip. We’ve done so much on previous trips, it was nice to do a few new things this time and also spend some time together, just chilling out rather than being on the go all the time, like home life can be a lot of the time.

Archie was obviously missed very much while we were away, but I firmly believe that it is important for couples to have time to themselves now and again, as day to day life with work and children, and everybody’s different routines and schedules, can make finding quality time for each other, challenging. I love my husband very much and it was nice to have a few days alone together, to just be us.








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