Dream Come True

Last Friday night was a surreal experience for me.

I have been a fan of Faith Hill’s for over 18 years now and never thought I would get to see her in concert. She doesn’t tour as much as she once did and hasn’t released a lot of music the past decade, as she concentrated on raising her and Tim McGraw’s three daughters. I have seen Tim in concert when he headlined at the first Country2Country Festival in London in 2013.

Last year Faith and Tim announced that they would be doing another joint Soul2Soul Tour, this time a World Tour. When dates were released it was only for US and Canadian venues, with no mention of any further upcoming info on international dates.

One evening, last Autumn, Ad surprised me with tickets to see them in Brooklyn! I should have been ecstatic and over the moon, but unfortunately my reaction was rather flat, and I’m sure disappointing to Ad.

I think when you feel absolutely sure about something never happening, your resolve yourself to that fact, so as to not build up false hope and disappoint yourself. When he surprised me with the tickets, it seemed so unreal, that my brain couldn’t really process it. Even a year later, on the night of the concert, standing outside the Barclays Centre in line, it still had not really hit me.

We went in, and I purchased a T-shirt and a mug from the merchandise counter, paid $6 for a bottle of water, and then we found our seats. Margo Price was their opening act, and I quite enjoyed her music, although the sound was a little off for her.

She finished her set and we waited for the Faith & Tim. After 5-10 mins or so, the lights altered, going dark slowly and a one minute countdown started up on the screen.

59 secs  – Oh!

40 secs  – Continuous slapping on Ad’s knee in sudden excitement and anticipation

25 secs – A lump has found it’s way to my throat

10 secs – Eyes very misty, heart racing…

And then they were there, or rather she was there…

I can barely remember the performance of their opening and second songs as I was so overcome with emotion. Tears flowed through the next couple of songs, and it took me a while to compose myself, being so overwhelmed by the experience of finally getting to see Faith in concert.

I eventually gathered myself and loved every minute of the rest of the concert. I took a few photos and videos to enjoy after, for when my head was a little clearer.






As I mentioned in a previous post, since Ad bought those tickets, it was announced that they are coming over here next year to headline at the Country2Country Festival, which we already had tickets for. I should hopefully be more composed the second time round and be able to take in and actually remember the beginning of their set!

I will always be so grateful to Ad for getting these tickets.

If you know of someone who has never been able to see their favourite singer or artist perform, and you are in a position to make that happen for them – do it! You will not only make their day, you will give them a memory and experience that they will always treasure.

Thank you Ad!! Love you!!! xxxxxxx



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