Top 5 Fridays – this week from IMDB Top 40

It’s just gone midnight, Friday morning, but as we are going away for the day, I am posting this week’s Top 5 now.

This week I chose to focus on movies, Instead of posting a Top 5 of my favourite films of all time, I narrowed it down by choosing my Top 5 from the Top 40 in IMDB’s Top 250 Rated Movies.


5. Forrest Gump – Funny, tugs at the heart, great cast and you care for the characters.



4. The Green Mile – Coincidence that there are 2 Tom hanks films on the list- honest! This film is powerful and gets to even the hardest of men.



3. The Dark Knight – For me, Heath Ledger made this film. His portrayal of The Joker is unforgettable and he deserved the Oscar he received, sadly, posthumously.



2. The Shawshank Redemption – On or near the top of many people’s top movie lists, this film benefitted from a great cast who you believed in and routed for.



  1. Life is Beautiful – A beautiful and heart-wrenching film, which tugs at my heart even more now that I am a mother to a little boy. Can’t imagine being in the situation that Roberto Benigni’s character finds himself.



What are some of your favourite films?


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