Use It Wisely

I have been signed off work for a few weeks, as things have been getting on top of me somewhat. Or rather, I’ve let things get on top of me.

Spinning multiple plates and perhaps not making the best decisions to ensure I look after myself at the same time, it got to the point that my manager suggested that I speak to my Dr about taking some time out from work, to recharge my batteries.

One of my other managers spoke to me as I was leaving, referring to my time off, to “use it wisely”, and I intend to. Not just to get some rest, but to enjoy this festive season with my family and try to figure out a more efficient way of spinning those plates, without getting back to where I am now.

With this extra time, I hope to do a little more blogging too. It is a little time to myself which relaxes me and which I really enjoy.

The photo attached has nothing to do with the post, but I love taking festive themed photos, so any excuse!

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