Clinging on to Tradition

This is the style of Christmas cards I have chosen to send out this year, going for a cosy, traditional feel.

I have always enjoyed the sending and receiving of Christmas cards. It is a tradition which, sadly, with developments in technology and social media, is dying out. With each passing season, less and less cards are exchanged.

For me, it is more meaningful to take the time to send somebody a card, than to send a text, however, I do understand that with the cost of postage, it can be a bit too much for some people at this time of the year.

I will be one of those annoying people who will cling on to this tradition, long after it has died out.



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  1. I used to love doing the whole Christmas card thing until I realized that most of what I hung on my door were from people that the only time I heard a peep from them was in that one card and that it did absolutely nothing to contribute to any kind of real relationship. It felt very superficial and lacking in emotion, that it was just one more obligation. I started thinking about who I sent cards to and why and pared down my list by quite a bit. I now get and send a whole lot less, but what is there means more than a door full of meaningless obligation.

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