My Christmas TV All Planned Out + My feelings about our Queen

This time of year always offers so much viewing pleasure, between repeats of old favourites, to one-off specials, to classic Christmas tales. There is usually something to cover everyone’s tastes.

Here is a few things I will definitely be watching this Christmas.

300 Years of French and Saunders

I am a big Dawn French fan, not just of her work, but also of her attitude towards life. I thoroughly enjoyed watching her Thirty Million Minutes show, and only wish that I could have seen it live.

300 Years of French & Saunders

A Christmas Carol (1999 version with Patrick Stewart and Richard E Grant)

This version of the Christmas classic, A Christmas Carol, has remained my favourite version since first seeing it a good number of years ago, and is now the only version I will watch when the season comes around.



Midnight Mass or Carols from Kings

I never watch the whole service, but on Christmas Eve each year, I usually tune into one of the televised carol services which airs quite late in the evening. It is a moment of peace and reflection, amidst the busy and hectic festivities of Christmas.



Mrs Brown’s Boys

The Christmas specials of Mrs Brown’s Boys have become must watch TV in our household. My favourite thing about the Christmas specials is that in amongst all the laughter and hilarity, there is always a heart-warming message or theme written in.

mrs brown


The Queen’s Speech

Whether it is at 3pm when it is aired, or later on, online, I always watch the Queen’s Christmas Day Speech, every year. It is a tradition that I hope goes on a for a few more years yet, but even when her time has passed, I will always watch our Monarch’s Christmas Speech.

It has been a dark year for the United Kingdom between multiple terrorist attacks, divisive politics and further increased inflation. There is so such uncertainty over the UK’s future at the moment and it can be quite unsettling to watch and live through, with all the powers in the hands of people you have very little faith in. The Queen often reflects on such unsettling periods and will always try to send a message of hope to the people of her country.

Many people are against the Monarchy. They do not believe we should be paying money as part of our taxes to support them, and that they do nothing for our Country. I find this last point, a very ignorant view.

Our Queen is the hardest working, or at the very least, one of the hardest working Monarchs, that this world has ever seen. She has done a damn site more for her Country than some of the Prime Ministers this country has been unfortunate enough to have at the head of government during her reign. I will be very sad when her time passes, and think that Prince Charles has some mighty big shoes to fill.