The Help (2011) My Movie Review from 2011!

So, I just came across an old blog I used to have, which I had totally forgotten about!

I didn’t post on it all that much, but I have just come across a review I wrote of the film, The Help (2011). I can’t help but edit it slightly in my head, as I read it, for instance including the name of the author of the book (Kathryn Stockett), would have been a good idea!

Anyway, you can enjoy my 2011 attempt at a film review below.


The Help (2011)

I read the book ‘The Help’ in 2010 and loved it. It was the best book I had read in some time and I don’t think I’ve read anything since that has surpassed it. So many people are focused on the issue of race and ignorance in the story but I feel that it is also about the strength and courage of women.

When a movie is made from a book, there is always  scepticism on whether or not the film will stay true to the book. Will it miss chunks of the book out? Will it use the theme of the book but have an alternative narrative?

I first saw the trailer for the movie whilst in New York this summer. As soon as I saw it, I knew I would be going to see it as soon as I could and I did just that with my sister on Thursday.

So, what did I think of it, after loving the book and holding it up in such high esteem?

I LOVED IT! Yes, capital letters are needed here.



The Cast

What a cast! I thoroughly enjoyed all the performances from the main actresses and the supporting cast.

I’ve only seen Emma Stone in one other movie before and after seeing her play Skeeter in this, I can say with confidence that she is certainly one to watch. I look forward to seeing what sort of roles are in her future.

Viola Davis – I have seen her in a few TV roles but never on the big screen. When I read the book, this is exactly how I saw Aibileen and loved that she had captured just what was in my head when I read the book. Does that make sense?

Octavia Spencer – Loved her! Minny is funny and sassy. A humourous character like this is needed in a movie which is dealing with such a sensitive subject. It lightens the atmosphere. Saying that it’s not all fun and games for Minny and Octavia portrays this very well.

Bryce Dallas Howard – She played Hilly so well, aiding  the audience to totally despise the character.

I really hope ‘The Help’ does well when the award’s season comes around. There are a number of deserving actresses in this movie who deserve to take ‘Oscar’ home.

Favourite Character – Skeeter

Would I watch again – Most definitely!

Score 10/10

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