My Love for Music

I have always loved music.

From singing along to Kylie Minogue when I was a little girl, to achieving my Grade A in music in High School, music, up until the last few years, has had a big presence in my life.

Back when I was studying in Edinburgh, whenever I took the 3 hours 40 mins bus home to Inverness, I would listen to song after song as the miles rolled by.

Before I had a car and walked to work, to the shops etc, I would alway be “plugged in”, listening to my favourites, or trying out new artists.

If I go to the gym, I must always have my music to help me focus, just doesn’t seem right without it. It’s the same if I go for a walk on my own, it is just not the same without music.

Many of my memories are tied to music.

Sunday school songs sung with my Granny who at one time ran the group

Songs from musicals I watched as a kid (and now sing to Archie)

Songs Ad and I listened to together when we first met 

Since becoming a wife and mother, I don’t have the luxury of listening to hours and hours of music that I once did in my former single life.

What I have now though, is so much better. I now have a wonderful husband who I can go to concerts and share the experience with. I have a little boy who is learning all these new sounds and songs, and getting to witness his obvious love and joy of music is so special and a privilege.

Music is wonderful to lose ourselves in. It can pick us up, help us heal, fill our hearts and even teach us, but sharing music with others, particularly loved ones, is on a whole other level.


*side note* This month I am doing a music post challenge which I found on pinterest. Each day I post a new song, under a specific theme for that day, for example – a song that reminds you of high school, or a song from your favourite movie soundtrack, etc.

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