Finding A Little ‘Me’ Time

Last year, i didn’t really take very good care of myself, which has spilled over into this year too.

It is so easy to just get caught up in day to day tasks and routines and not stop and take time to enjoy other activities that you used to enjoy.

Reading for example

I have posted before about how much I used to read and how little I read now. I have struggled with the motivation to pick up a book and since December have been trying to read a book, but just getting nowhere with it. I do like to read, so have taken action to try and entice myself back into reading.

I asked my sister to recommend a book, which would be an easy read and one that she would be fairly sure I’d enjoy. She gave me the book pictured below, and with its short chapters and style of writing, I am picking it up most nights to read a few pages. A few pages is a big improvement on no pages at all!


Adult Colouring Books

I’ve not done a lot of this but when I do, it has a nice way of relaxing my brain, to think more rationally. Problems and bad news don’t seem quite so earth shattering and if I want to plan something, ideas of how to, pop into my head as I colour. If you are looking for some chill out time and something a bit different than watching TV or taking a walk, then I’d highly recommend this.


Doc Martin

doc martin

When I was off sick in January/into February, I got hooked on watching the sky boxset of this show. It is set in a small fishing village in Cornwall, England and is such easy, relaxed viewing. It feels like a show which should be on a Sunday night, ahead of the start of another busy, hectic week. If you liked The Vicar of Dibley with it’s ‘interesting’ characters, then you may like this too.



I am making the effort to listen to music more again. When Ad falls asleep earlier than I do, or if I’m in the car on my own, I get lost in my music, just like I used to. Thinking of taking my headphones into work and making the day more enjoyable with some tunes.


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