Getting Organised for Busy Weekend Ahead

Another item about to be checked off my 40before40 list!!!

The Country2Country Festival is on this weekend and I have been looking forward to this for almost a year now!

But before we get down to Glasgow for all the Country Music madness, I’ve been rushing round today, trying to get Mother’s Day cards and gifts sorted, as well as a Birthday present for my Dad for tomorrow!

My attempt at a DIY present for Archie to give to his Grannies is pictured above. Simple to do, takes no time at all and affordable.

Finding a present for Dad is not proving so easy. Why are men so much more difficult to buy for???

Anyway, much more to do before hitting the sack tonight, including a load of washing, ironing, packing for our long weekend, picking up dinner, bathing Archie, dropping in on my Granny and cleaning out the car.

SO looking forward to this weekend – hope you all enjoy yours too!!

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