Country2Country Glasgow – Quick Review

I checked off two activities off my 40before40 list this weekend, attending the Country2Country Festival in Glasgow, being the first – quick personal review below.

Faith & Tim

If you have been following my blog, you will know that Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s appearance at the Festival, was going to be the main highlight for me and they did not disappoint. It was a very similar set to what they did in Brooklyn last October, and this time I was able to enjoy it through dry eyes, not getting so emotional like last time. There was something special about them playing in my home country too, which made the experience all the more thrilling.

(Video not mine)


New Discoveries

There were a number of acts that I had either never heard of before, or had heard a few of their songs but not seen them live.

We enjoyed Brett Young’s set, thinking he sounded a little like a Country version of The Script.

I really liked some of Kelsea Ballerini’s songs from her new album, with some smart lyrics that showed that her music is maturing. I did though, at the age of 32, feel a little old watching her performance. I think she is used to a younger audience/fanbase and her performance reflected that.

It was her husband, Morgan Evans who impressed us the most. The Australian Country singer/musician really stood out against the other less known artists. He engaged well with the crowd and had such a easy going nature, you couldn’t help but like him. His music was just as enjoyable as his character and one of his songs, Young Again, has taken up residence in our heads since hearing it on Saturday night.

(Video not mine)


Time Together

My favourite part of the weekend was spending time with Ad. There were a few acts we were not that bothered about seeing and so we just hung out in one of the hospitality lounges and sat and talked, while a jukebox played in the background. A Country Music Festival really isn’t Ad’s kind of thing, plus he is not a big fan of crowds at the moment, so I very much appreciate the effort he made over the weekend.

Seeing Faith and Tim on stage again was wonderful, but it didn’t beat spending quality time with my lovely husband.


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