Family Time in Glasgow & Loch Lomand

My in-laws had taken Archie down to Glasgow for the weekend too, so that when we were not at the concerts in the evening, we spent time together in the day.

On the Saturday we headed to Ikea for a late breakfast, where Archie proudly attempted drinking from a grown up cup – wasn’t as messy as I had anticipated! We had a look around the store afterwards and Archie loved the children’s area, insisting Mummy come join him in the wee playhouse – I just about fit!!

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Having recently looked over my 40before40 list, Ad came up with the idea of visiting Loch Lomand on the Sunday morning, after breakfast. There was an Aquarium there which was a bonus being something that Archie would enjoy and he certainly did. I said at the beginning of the year that I wanted wee adventures and new experiences for Archie this year – may this be the start of many more to come…

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