Finding Time and the Craze of Adult Colouring Books

Currently on a family holiday to the Isle of Wight and have been looking forward to this time away for a while.

You can’t really switch off when you’re on holiday with a one year old but I’m still trying to do things I wouldn’t normally have time for. Little things like straightening my hair to finally having the chance to read a book on New York’s Architecture, on loan from a colleague which I have been trying to get to for a couple of months.

Another thing that I’ve been wanting to do for a while but don’t have the luxury of time for is adult colouring books. It is said that they can reduce stress and be very therapeutic. My personal interest stems from buying geometric shape colouring books years ago and enjoying bringing the shapes to life with colour.

I have read articles this past week that suggest adult colouring is terrible and any of us adults who care to take up this hobby are afraid to grow up and face up to our adult responsibilities or afraid to take on challenging activities.

When I read this I rolled my eyes and told my iPad to f*** off. Why can’t the reason we chose to colour be because it makes us feel good, relieves stress or is just, god forbid, a little fun! With Brexit and elections coming out our ears, can we not just have a little chill out time with something we enjoy?

I know of someone who’s mental health has actually improved since taking up this relaxing hobby.

My first attempt (a work in progress) is pictured above. Is it a work of art? No. Have I stayed between the lines? No lol. Do I care? No! 🙂

Surprise Ad

From showing up at my hotel room door when I was working away from home for a week, to announcing he has booked concert tickets to see Faith hill and Tim McGraw (another thing on my list – we’ll discuss later), my husband Ad knows just what will bring a huge smile to my face.


It’s not just this that makes him the wonderful husband he is. He also knows when to step in when I’m struggling. When our son was just about a week old he took him to his parent’s house for a few hours to let me get some sleep, knowing that I would hate him in the moment for making me feel incompetent and useless, but knowing what I needed and taking the necessary action in my best interest.


He accepts me for who and what I am (stretch marks and all) and I am so lucky to have him as my husband.


I so want to be able to surprise him with something he would love but this is not such an easy task!

His favourite comedian Lee Evans retired, so I can’t get tickets for Ad to go and see him.

He is a big fan of Craig Ferguson and Jeff Dunham but not been able to secure tickets to either one of them!!!!!

He has always wanted to go to the Kennedy Space Center but I can’t surprise him with that as we will go and do that when we go on holiday to Florida next year.

He also want so go to Vegas, but that’s on my list too and I want a surprise unique to/for him.

The closest I got to surprising him so far was trying to organise a billboard sign in New York with a Happy 30th and Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary on it but those plans were foiled and it never went ahead.


I vow to surprise him with something amazing, as well as other little surprises along the way, just got to figure out what ….




Meet Tom Hanks

Admittedly, this is the most ambitious item on the list. When I was thinking about the last few things to put on my list I started to get more adventurous – and perhaps a tad ridiculous! Sometimes we have to reach a little further from the realistic, and I certainly have!

Tom Hanks is my favourite actor and this is not just down to the many, many great performances he has given us.

He comes across as a gentleman –  a dying breed! You see him in interviews and he strikes the balance of being polite, entertaining and funny – a host/interviewer’s dream.

I will not list all my top Tom Hanks films, but these are a few of my favourites:


You’ve Got Mail is my feel-good film. It lifts me up if I’m down or feeling unwell. The concoction of Tom Hanks, New York City scenes and book stores is perfection for me.


Photo © 1998 – Warner Brothers


Philadelphia is the Tom Hanks film I urge people to watch. It is a film and performance that stays with you.


Photo by Clinica Estetico  – © 1993


The Terminal is a film with such a simple concept and simple format but which gives you so much.


Photo © 2004 Dreamworks LLC.


This has been a week of coughing, spluttering, sneezing and sore throats, with lots of over the counter medicine and not a whole lot of sleep. This has made for a long week and I am so happy it is now the weekend.

I think weekend posts are more likely for this blog, but I will try to post through the week when I can. It is trying to juggle everything on the weekdays which is hard. Working full-time and trying to make sure Archie has enough food and fresh clothes for the week, Ad has enough clean uniform, and more importantly, trying to spend some quality time with them both. We have help from our parents, so I know we are lucky compared to a lot of other families who have to do without this support.

Ad works a lot of weekends, but this weekend he is off and I’m looking forward to some time together. We are on the countdown to our holiday to the Isle of Wight at the end of the month and I cannot wait for us all to be able to stop for a break.

Juggling the different aspects of life is hard but necessary. What is important is trying to make the most of your free time together.

Gather a collection of Classic Board Games for Archie/next generation and Bake with Archie

I was very fortunate to have all four of my Grandparents until I was 11 and received a childhood which was filled with traditional play such as board games, going to the beach to build sand castles or look for Groatie Buckies (small shells), making Christmas/Mother’s Day/Father’s day cards, baking, story time etc

Ardalnish Beach_010

I do not take this time for granted and want to give Archie a taste of the more traditional play as he grows up. It will not be easy as we’ll be competing with technology which was not around when my husband and I were young, but it will be so worthwhile as he will, hopefully, have fond childhood memories to look back on, rather than just remembering what his favourite videogame was.


Yes, some may say that I am a sentimentalist and not realistic, but I don’t care. I just want our son to be happy.

Complete another 365 Photo Project

In 2013 I completed a 365 Photo Project of my own design. Most people who do them take a new picture each day. I had hundreds of photographs I had taken that no one had ever seen and this was my way of showing my work and not letting all my photos just sit on a hard drive. So for a whole year I posted one of my photos each day and it encouraged me to go out more with my camera more to try and find more subjects to photograph.


I have thousands of photographs on my hard drives and while they are mainly photos of New York City and flowers, I also have many random folders of photographs from buttons and fabric to cakes and cloves of garlic?!?


I am keen to do another 365 project as it was very satisfying to complete the project last time round. Perhaps this time around I will pick a theme, although I did like the randomness of the last project. I haven’t decided whether I will do it Jan-Dec like last month or start it mid-way through the year – we’ll see…


Making a start…

So as it was The Grand National earlier today, I thought I’d try my luck at backing a winner – one of the items on my list.

I placed 3 bets, a horse each for Ad, Archie and myself and not one of them made even the Top 5!

Vieux Lion Rouge came in 6th, The Young Master fell and Definitly Red pulled up. (Maybe the latter would have done better if his name had been spelt correctly on the registration form!)

So I have another 8 chances to tick this one of the list. Maybe be lucky next year! ( think I’ll get some tips first!)

Photo credit: REX

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