THE LIST ( in no particular order)

  1. Surprise Ad!!!
  2. Take part in the Mothers Race at Archie’s School Sports Day when the time comes
  3. See Faith Hill & Tim McGraw in concert
  4. See Martina McBride in concert
  5. Have a small Exhibition of my Photographs
  6. Achieve ARPS Distinction from The RPS (have achieved LRPS so far)
  7. Complete another 365 Photo Project
  8. Take Archie to Disneyworld
  9. Have the total number of US states visited up to 20
  10. Be part of the audience of a TV show taping
  11. Create a blog
  12. Go to one of the big theme parks with Ad
  13. Visit Las Vegas with Ad
  14. Take a hot air balloon ride
  15. Take Ad and Archie to the Stacks of Duncansby
  16. Get my BMI down to a healthy score
  17. Host a New Year’s Eve Party
  18. Gather a collection of classic board games for Archie/next generation
  19. Go to the Edinburgh Tattoo
  20. Trip to New Zealand
  21. Donate to a Dementia Charity
  22. Trace back Family Tree
  23. Learn to Play a Song on the Guitar
  24. Be an Extra in a film or TV Series
  25. Attend another C2C Festival
  26. Back a winner on the Grand National
  27. Visit Coney Island
  28. Win a game of Monopoly (without cheating!)
  29. See ‘Still Game’ Live
  30. Bake with Archie when he is old enough
  31. Solve a Rubik’s Cube
  32. Fit back into my Wedding Dress
  33. Go to a Magician’s show
  34. Get a Makeover
  35. Donate to a Dementia Charity
  36. Visit Buckingham Palace
  37. Take Ad and Archie to Mull
  38. See Billy Connolly or Dawn French Live
  39. Meet Tom Hanks – ambitious!!
  40. Visit Loch Lomand
  41. Have something Published (photo, article, book, whatever)

Items in this colour COMPLETED