THE LIST ( in no particular order)

  1. Surprise Ad!!!
  2. Take part in the Mothers Race at Archie’s School Sports Day when the time comes
  3. See Faith Hill & Tim McGraw in concert
  4. See Martina McBride in concert
  5. Have a small exhibition of my photographs
  6. 40 Books Reading Challenge (used to read 25-ish a year but lucky if I can get through 2 a year now – this will be tough)
  7. Complete another 365 Photo Project
  8. Take Archie to Disneyworld
  9. Go to a football match with Ad
  10. Be part of the audience of a TV show taping
  11. Create a blog
  12. Go to one of the big theme parks with Ad
  13. Visit Las Vegas with Ad
  14. Take a hot air balloon ride
  15. Take Ad and Archie to the Stacks of Duncansby
  16. Get my BMI down to a healthier score
  17. Host a New Year’s Eve Party
  18. Gather a collection of classic board games for Archie/next generation
  19. Go to the Edinburgh Tattoo
  20. Trip to Australia or New Zealand
  21. Donate to a Dementia Charity
  22. Trace back Family Tree
  23. Learn to Play a Song on the Guitar
  24. Harry Potter Studio Tour
  25. Attend another C2C Festival
  26. Back a winner on the Grand National
  27. Visit Coney Island
  28. Win a game of Monopoly (without cheating!)
  29. See ‘Still Game’ Live
  30. Bake with Archie when he is old enough
  31. Solve a Rubik’s Cube
  32. Fit back into my Wedding Dress
  33. Go to a Magician’s show
  34. Get a Makeover
  35. Donate to a Dementia Charity
  36. Visit Buckingham Palace
  37. Take Ad and Archie to Mull
  38. See Billy Connolly or Dawn French Live or meet them
  39. Meet Tom Hanks – ambitious, but not impossible!!
  40. Visit Loch Lomand
  41. Have something Published (photo, article, book, whatever) – can be self-published

Items in bold COMPLETED